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Having peace of mind and prioritizing our mental health is quite a challenge, especially when the pandemic strikes. On the other hand, there is a simple way to maintain mental health while combating environmental stressors.

Meditation is a technique first used by Buddhists as part of their spiritual and religious traditions. According to some studies, regular meditation can reduce anxiety attacks while improving your overall health.

If you have no experience of meditating, it is recommended to start your journey with Headspace. Headspace is a meditation software that will help you enter the world of meditation. You can install this application on either Android or iOS mobile devices.

This meditation app is designed for beginners. It is packed with sleep techniques, mindful workouts, guided meditations, and a lot more.

If you want to know more about Headspace, continue reading this Headspace review.

What is Headspace App?

As we mentioned earlier, Headspace is a type of meditation application designed for everyone. Its main goal is to allow everyone to practice meditation conveniently. Since this application is equipped with guided meditations, anyone can start their mindfulness journey without prior experience.

The developers of this application assume that everyone who will use it is unversed in meditation. It expects you to have totally no idea about the main goal of mindfulness practice. Headspace is designed to help you know and understand the fundamentals of meditation in just ten days.

The company thinks that the Headspace app will make a boom and will help them earn profit. That is why they made it available for an annual or monthly subscription.

How Does Headspace Work?

After downloading and installing the Headspace application, the first thing you should do is to create an account. Once your account is set, the application will help you to get started with its “Wake Up” feature. This feature includes a series of videos to help you understand basic concepts of meditation, including letting go of various mental stressors you experience.

The following are some of the things you will love about Headspace:

Headspace Focuses on Mindfulness-Based and Secular Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has a deep history that can be traced back prior to the Current Era. With that in mind, everyone must know how secular mindfulness meditation differs from the one practiced by Buddhists and Hindus.

Headspace is an app designed to give you detailed explanations about secular meditation. This means that it does not cover topics related to Samsara, which refers to the never-ending pattern of death, suffering, and rebirth. But rather, the Headspace app helps individuals to understand “the essence of a happier and healthier life.”

The two meditation practices have the same principle. But they have different supporting structures. Headspace app promotes meditation based on modern science. On the other hand, Hindu and Buddhist meditation is practiced according to the teachings and writings of different spiritual leaders.

In other words, Headspace seems the lite version of Buddhism meditation. This is because it does not have religious fundamentals with a touch of spiritual meditation. This may be because the developer of this application is an ordained Buddhist monk.

One of his founders designed this app with the goal of bringing meditation to individuals who don’t have any experience in meditating.

It Allows Beginners to Start Mindfulness Meditation Without Any Experience

Headspace app offers a “Basics” feature that is composed of ten sessions of guided meditations. This feature is designed for individuals who have no experience with mindfulness meditation. Instead of digging into the deep history of meditation, this application allows you to understand its concept using simple instructions that are engaging for everyone.

As mentioned, the Headspace app is not a great way to escape Samsara that Buddhist meditations can. But, it is said to grant you peace of mind or some ‘headspace.

Headspace Reminds You to Regularly Meditate

If you decide to meditate, the first thing you should do if you allot enough time to do the practice every day. This will help you to be reminded to meditate despite your busy work-life schedule.

One of the best things about this application is that it helps you to set your own time for meditation. This means that the app will notify you about your scheduled time every single day. This feature is essential among beginners.

This is one of the best things that will help you create a regular meditation routine. In addition, you can easily stop the notifications once your mind and body get used to your schedule.

You can Start Your Initial Meditation Session Right Away

As mentioned, the application offers animated videos that will help you to complete the initial setup. After that, you can now immediately start your meditation.

You can start your journey from the shortest meditation session that can be accomplished for three minutes. On the other hand, if you are now ready to spend a little longer time on this practice, you can try the 10-minute session.

It would be best to raise your time session up to ten minutes. Although, for some, a 10-minute session is quite short, it is enough for you to feel the benefits of meditation.

Each meditation session available in Headspace has the same starting procedure. The first is to find your meditation position, take deep breaths, and close your eyes. This is one of the simplest and easiest rituals you can integrate into your routine. A meditation process will help you to free your head from the concepts that cause you stress.


To sum up, Headspace is a beginner-friendly application rich with features that will help you understand the basic concepts of meditation. With its user-friendly interface and catchy graphics, everyone who plans to meditate will surely love this application.

Most of its users experience significant improvement in their cognitive focus after several weeks of using the app. With that, we can say that starting your meditation journey with Headspace is an effective decision to make.

Headspace promotes meditation sessions in a much simpler concept.

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