Top 6 Instagram Reels Trends

Jessie Saalberg

The popular Instagram platform is constantly changing and pleases users with new features. In 2020, the developers introduced a novelty - short Reels videos. Now users can upload clips from 60 seconds long, as was done in TikTok.This format began to enjoy popularity only last year, when the head of the network said that now their network exists not only for sharing photos and communicating with loved ones, but also for publishing video content.

Users post clips and use them to attract new subscribers to the blog, and brands and companies hire SMM managers to create content to promote their products or services and increase sales.

The Reels feed is formed based on the interests of users, not subscriptions. This means that your videos will be seen not only by followers, but also by other people.This way you can increase activity on the page, especially if you create a base of hearts and buy Instagram likes cheap. To do this, you don't have to spend a lot of time on organic promotion, just contact a company that will help make posts more attractive with a large number of likes.Users are always more willing to be active if they see that many people have appreciated the content.

In this article we will tell you what is being filmed in Reels today and what trends to focus on in 2022.

A familiar atmosphere. People like to be nostalgic and often remember their favorite moments from life, and bloggers successfully collect a lot of likes on such content. If you can convey some familiar atmosphere to your subscribers, for example, walking in the rain, studying at the university and life on campus, a trip with friends to another city, then such videos will definitely gather feedback and have a positive impact on your account.

Useful content. Over the past few years, users have become accustomed to the fact that blog authors offer not only inspiration and aesthetics, but also life hacks, tips and useful recommendations. If a blog has a lot of interesting practical information that can be used in life, then it is more likely to fall into the category of "favorite" and is more viewed for new publications.

Before and after. This category of videos is suitable for almost every topic: food, repair, beauty, fashion, etc. With a short clip, you can quickly show an incredible transformation or the result of hard work. Just show me where you started and how you finished. The main thing is not to forget to turn on the camera before you start the process. Such videos are intriguing and make the user watch the clip to the end. This means that you will have a great chance to get a lot of red hearts, comments and followers.

Beautiful hedonism. As you know, Insta  is a social network for aesthetes. They love everything beautiful and attractive here, including videos that show the enjoyment of life. It doesn't matter at all what your video will be about, it can be an aesthetic breakfast, a view from a posh hotel or party fees.

"What came of it?". People always want to start doing something: lose a few pounds, squat 100 times a day, give up lactose or save money every time they want to spend it on unnecessary things. But they don't always understand what result they will expect in the end. Bloggers took advantage of this and now you can find many videos on instagram that answer the question "what will happen if ...?".

Scenes from life. Entertainment content is also trending. Funny everyday situations and people's reactions to different situations in a comic format are especially popular. Using requisite wigs, different clothes and makeup is a great opportunity to create a more dynamic and real picture. At the same time, you don't have to invite other people to shoot, many makers create such content themselves.

Some tips for creating a viral video :

View the feed not only Reels, but also TikTok. Today, those clips that were in demand in TikTok a few months ago are popular on Insta. Many users of the platform have not spent time on other networks and do not know what content was published that way, so for them these videos seem to be something new.

Create a database of subscribers, comments and likes. This is necessary in order for the profile to look presentable and not get lost among many other accounts. You can buy Instagram likes or choose a whole package of services aimed at increasing activity on the page. Herd instinct is not a myth, so we advise you to buy several hundred red hearts to encourage users to leave a comment, subscribe and like.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Before you decide which content is most suitable for the target audience, you will have to come to terms with the fact that not every video will respond to the audience. Try different angles, lighting, and add inscriptions. Reels give you the opportunity to express yourself, take this chance and try yourself in different formats. Good luck!

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