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When do you need to make the switch to psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is a great option to help treat your anxiety and depression, and making the switch to psychotherapy could be beneficial.

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Depression is something that over 280 million people throughout the world suffer from. Hopeless and worthless feelings are difficult to deal with, and it may prove to be harder than anyone thinks it is. This is why going to seek help is essential in order to learn how to heal and move on from any past issues and traumas.

Medical professionals, such as therapists and psychologists, can provide therapy sessions for many depressed, or anxious patients who are struggling to come to terms with how to cope with their mental health disorders. For many individuals, psychotherapy is the perfect treatment needed to help them successfully work through their depression symptoms and it’s important to know when you should opt to seek help for it.

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  • What is psychotherapy?
  • What are the benefits of psychotherapy?
  • What is the difference between therapy and psychotherapy?
  • Psychotherapy options to consider

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact emergency services or reach out to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)’s free, confidential, 24/7 national helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) for immediate assistance.

What is Psychotherapy?

Have you ever heard of psychotherapy before? There are a lot of amazing things that psychotherapy can do for someone who is struggling from depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Psychotherapy is also considered talk therapy because it can help lots of individuals no matter what kind of mental health condition that they are suffering from.

Psychotherapy is an option to choose from if you’re struggling with ways to cope with your mental health disorder and it aims to help control and hopefully eliminate any internal feelings that you are struggling with.

Some of the techniques that psychologists in psychotherapy sessions use consist of:

  • How to cope with everyday life
  • The impact of trauma on an individual
  • In depth looks into depression and anxiety
  • Medication management

Psychotherapy has been proven to help people experience symptom relief to be able to go about their lives and function better even with living with anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders.

What Are the Benefits of Psychotherapy?

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of psychotherapy can consist of? There are plenty of reasons to consider psychotherapy for whenever you’ve hit a rock bottom in your mental health and need to seek help. Psychotherapy can be among one of the best options for you to consider when you are looking to seek mental health help.

Some of the benefits of psychotherapy can include:

  • Overcome harmful behaviors, such as self-harm, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts
  • Help you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier
  • Learning healthy coping mechanisms
  • Mend and heal broken relationships in your personal life
  • Identify triggers you may have
  • Improve your self-reliance

Psychotherapy has a lot of marvelous benefits to it and about 75% of people say that they benefit from going to sessions and that they are able to function and go to work to get their daily activities done on a day-by-day basis. It is something to consider since a lot of people benefit from it, helping them in more ways than just their mental health.

What is the Difference Between Therapy and Psychotherapy?

Are you looking into both therapy and psychotherapy, but are just not sure which one is right for you? There are plenty of reasons to choose either one, but depending on the severity of your depression and anxiety, your current situation, and even potential past traumas, learning how to decipher what both are (and how they can help you) is essential.

Therapy, or counseling sessions may be useful if you are going through a specific situation or issue at this very moment, such as grief over a loved one who recently passed, or even an addiction that can last from several weeks to several months.

For psychotherapy, it tends to focus more on past issues or traumas that may be affecting your everyday life in the present. These issues can take place continually over a period of several years and it helps focus more on your emotional issues, specifically your thought process and feelings.

Psychotherapy really aims towards improving your self growth by leaving these traumas in the past so you can learn towards moving on with your life and leave the troubles in the past.

Psychotherapy Options to Consider

There are plenty of psychotherapy options to consider if you believe that you need more help when it comes to your mental health. If you want to work on improving your everyday life by talking through your emotions and working through your past life experiences, then psychotherapy may be for you and it’s important to know what options you have out there.

Psychodynamic Therapy

If you think that you need help with changing any problematic thoughts, behaviors, or feelings that you may have when it comes to your everyday life because of your past, then psychodynamic therapy may just be for you. Using this type of psychotherapy, patients can learn more about themselves by exploring their own interactions in therapy when discussing their ongoing issues.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy is a type of therapy that focuses strictly on your everyday behaviors, thoughts, and emotions and how those affect your everyday life. For many people, destructive actions, thoughts, and feelings can affect your life in a negative way, especially if you’re suffering from a mental health disorder, so this type of therapy helps you try to change these behaviors.

Cognitive Therapy

If you are looking for a short-term psychotherapy treatment to help you when it comes to treating your mental health disorder symptoms, then you need to consider cognitive therapy that focuses on changing the way that you think in order to change how you feel emotionally about the issues occurring in your life.

Humanistic Therapy

A great form of psychotherapy that can help you out in so many ways is humanistic therapy, which is an approach to help people be able to make rational decisions, along with helping to help people achieve their maximum potential.

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