How To Uncover Your Past Life


Many people believe that everyone has lived before. Numerous civilizations and religions, such as Spiritism and Theosophy, also acknowledge the existence of past lives. As people become aware of this concept, they can make sense of the seemingly supernatural experiences they have had in their dreams and inexplicable abilities. Some people have concluded that if they have a solid connection to a specific period, they inhabited that era in the past.   

Over the years, many have been formulating ways to discover who they were in their past lives. If you want to find yours, here are different ways to do it by yourself or through the help of a specialist.  

Poorva Janma Calculator 

Poorva Janma is a Hindu concept referring to the afterlife, previous life, reincarnation, or reincarnation. Some use numerology and poorva janma calculator to derive information about a person's past lives based on the current date, the time of birth, and the place of birth. Ideally, a specific formula is used to get an accurate past-life reading.  

One might wonder why so many people are curious about their previous lives. Hindus believe that in reincarnation, the former self travels into the present life while bringing the energy of the past. That energy is called a karmic debt, which is a collection of negative deeds done in the past life. Conversely, they could also be unresolved lessons that you must learn. By knowing their past lives, many people expect to comprehend why things are occurring as they are in their current life.

Using astrology, individuals can examine their natal or birth chart to determine the type of karma they have brought into this life. Once they discover where Saturn lies, the location will disclose what these karmic debts should be.   

Past Life Regression (PLR) 

Contrary to what some people believe, your local psychic is one of many people who think we've lived before. Psychologists also base their practices on these concepts. You may have seen hypnotists on television, wherein they guide other people to surrender to a different state of consciousness. The hypnotist puts the patient into a deep trance and verbally guides them back to a specific time and place in their lives. This technique is called past life regression (PLR).   

A past life regression is a mild form of hypnotherapy that takes the person back through time in their incarnations or previous lives. By regressing into their past life, a person can retrieve information stored in their subconscious.    

Generally, the memories get buried under the mind's surface by the constant chatter of everyday thoughts and worries. With the help of PLR, one can achieve a condition of mental tranquility. Consequently, it becomes less of a challenge for individuals to unearth long-forgotten recollections.  

A past life regression can help you with the following: 

  • Gain an understanding of why you feel a connection to certain places 
  • To reconnect with past life experiences 
  • Allow oneself to determine the ailments you have as residues of your past life 
  • Acceptance of the life lessons you've learned in those lifetimes 
  • Deep diving into the emotions carried into this life that created fears and inexplicable beliefs 

A professional may guide you during a real-time session, and sometimes you can source audio guides that you can get online.  

Self-Remembering Process 

If you’re experienced in meditation, this process can be easier as you’ve already mastered focus. However, if you're doing this for the first time, know that it's not easy, but you can train your memory to do it on your own if you put in the effort. 

  • Prepare The Room 

Before you begin, you can set the room's temperature to your liking. If you have curtains, adjust them so the room is not too bright. Turn off electrical devices or appliances that create noise, such as your smartphone or the television. It’ll help if you have a white noise machine to help you become calm.  

  • Relax And Be At Ease 

Set yourself in a comfortable position. Do this during the time of the day when you are alert and feeling well. Ensure that you are focused and energized for this exercise. Pay attention to your position and make sure you can relax. You can choose to sit down or lie on your bed. 

  • Make Sure To Protect Yourself 

This remembering process opens you to spiritual energy. You’ll need to shield yourself and guard against negative energy or forces. You can relax your body, your hands on your sides, and your eyes closed. Imagine yourself being enveloped with a bright light.  

Visualize that this light is covering your entire body upwards from your feet and climbing up to your legs, knees, torso, arms, neck, and head. Instill in your mind and heart that this light is loving and is protecting you from negative energy. The second step is to explain that it constantly guards you by creating a protective bubble around you. Feel its gentle glow and imagine yourself taking in its powerful shield of protection. Repeat this mantra five times.  

Concentrate on increasing the intensity of this light, and then shift your attention to the next color that comes to mind, repeating this process until you're ready to move on.  

  • Create Your Path And Continue 

Use your visualization and imagine yourself in a hallway and a large door at the end. Let the details come to you, like the color, design, makeup, and how it's decorated. It's all up to you. Remember what it looks like as you’ll use it whenever you want to see your past life. Imagine the door with the intention that once you enter the door, your past life will be revealed to you.  

Visualize as you're walking, and make each step count. You are experiencing this with all of your senses until you get to the door. Hold the knob and see yourself opening it. Focus and feel the texture of the knob and the sound of the mechanism as you open it.   

  • Welcome Your Past Life 

No matter what you see or hear, accept that it’s from your previous existence. Regardless of what it is, please take it as a foundation. Feel it. Even if you only see color, wait and watch, as it might transform into a scene. Observe to see clues about your location and who you were. Avoid thinking that you're making this up or simply seeing things. Be patient and accept what you see.  

  • Come Back To The Present 

This step occurs on its own because visualizations can be tiring. Allow it to fade, and as the images stop coming, or when your analytical mind starts to step in, open your eyes. At this point, try to stay in the present. 

You can do this exercise using the same process. But never skip protecting yourself when you do. You can research how to shield yourself when doing this exercise.  


You can find your past life in several ways, like using a Poorva Janma calculator, a past life regression, or self-remembering. However, given the widespread belief in former incarnations shared by people of different cultures, these are likely to be far from the only methods available. It's one of life's mysteries worth exploring; therefore, keeping an open mind is crucial. 

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