The Best Fall Sightseeing Locations near Bridgeport, WV to Practice Mindfulness

Elizabeth Grobstein

Here Are Our Top 3 Fall Sightseeing Locations near Bridgeport, WV to Practice Mindfulness

"The more mindful contact we have with the outdoors, the more we absorb the tranquility and ease that we find in the smallest caterpillar or in a grove of shimmering aspen trees.” - Mark Coleman

When the fall time is near, there are lots of places where you can go fall sightseeing. Going out and enjoying nature is just one of many ways to practice mindfulness. If you are near Bridgeport, West Virginia these are a few of the top locations where you can practice mindfulness while fall sightseeing.

  • Valley Falls State Park
  • Cathedral State Park
  • New River Gorge National Park & Preserve

Any park you go to visit during the fall season will be a good location to fall sightsee. Just getting out and enjoying nature can help ease your mind and even get you to focus on something in front of you instead of what is in your head.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what these parks have to offer.

Valley Falls State Park

If you decide to come visit Valley Falls State Park, not only will you see an amazing series of four stunning waterfalls, but you will also be able to see all kinds of fall colors on the trees. This state park is a 1,145-acre park, located at 720 Valley Falls Rd., Fairmont, WV 26554. 

There is also some historical significance to this park as it was once the home of a lumber grist mill community. Even though this state park is a tourist attraction, it does not take away from the beauty of the falls. You can even enjoy some museums and historical sites just outside the park.

If you decide to visit this state park, not only can you see the falls, you can enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, camping, geocaching, and more. Geocaching is a technological scavenger hunt. However, if you are trying to enjoy mindfulness it may not be the best idea to go geocaching. Although there are lots of other activities to try that will help with practicing mindfulness.

Image of a waterfall.
One of the falls at Valley Falls State Park. Take a look at some stunning waterfalls to get out of your head and practice mindfulness. Image courtesy of West Virginia Waterfalls.

Cathedral State Park

If you decide to visit Cathedral State Park you can enjoy the 133-acre park, which is a sanctuary for some ancient trees and is designated as a National Natural Landmark. This state park is one of the state’s largest old-growth forests which is home to the virgin hemlock ancient trees as well as 170 species of trees, ferns, and wildflowers. 

At 12 Cathedral Park Drive, Aurora, WV 26705, which is 1 hour and 12 minutes from the city of Bridgeport makes this state park a good destination to get out and enjoy fall sightseeing. While at Cathedral State Park you can enjoy activities such as camping, hiking, geocaching, along with some museums and historical sites. There are lots of other fun things to do at this state park.

New River Gorge National Park & Preserve

The thing that makes the New River Gorge unique is that there is a rugged whitewater river that runs through it, flowing northward through some deep canyons. This park is different from the other two since it is a National Park while the other two are state parks. This river (the New River) is one of the oldest rivers on the continent. 

This park consists of over 70,000 acres of land along the New River and is full of cultural and natural history while also offering a large amount of scenic and recreational activities. Located at 104 Main Street, Glen Jean, WV 25846, this park is 1 hour and 59 minutes from Bridgeport, West Virginia, which makes this National Park pretty close to travel to enjoy nature and get outside.

At this National Park you can enjoy activities such as:

  • Hiking 
  • Biking
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Camping
  • Climbing
  • Scenic drives
  • And more…

This scenic drive is estimated to be a three hour trip which gives you the opportunity to experience the park in a unique way. You are able to view broad vistas and small glimpses of the past and the present. There are also two park visitor centers of Canyon Rim and Sandstone, which can help guide you through the park. 

Image of the Canyon Rim visitor center.
The Canyon Rim visitor center located at the New River Gorge. At this visitor center you can get area information and enjoy some unique features and attractions. Image courtesy of National Park Service.

Why Should You Practice Mindfulness? 

You may be asking yourself, why do I need to practice mindfulness? Well, here is why you should practice mindfulness. It can help improve your mental health. It is so important that you take care of your mental health. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and practicing mindfulness is just one of many ways to help improve your mental health. This is because there is a connection of mental health to mindfulness. The connection is that when you find yourself struggling with your mental health you can find yourself turning inwards and getting trapped in your head. When you practice mindfulness it can help pull you out of your head and turn your focus to the present of where you are.

This is something that you can continue to do, even if you have a healthy mental health. One way of practicing mindfulness is with breathing exercises. This is because the way you breathe affects your body. If you are breathing very fast and sporadically it will lead to you experiencing some physical symptoms such as elevated blood pressure and an increased heart rate, as mental health issues can have physical symptoms. Practicing mindfulness can help you alleviate some of these physical symptoms, if they are occurring because of mental health problems. 

Image of two people practicing deep breathing.
Doing breathing exercises can help improve your mental health while practicing mindfulness.

Keep in mind that if you are experiencing physical symptoms like this to go and see your doctor to make sure you are healthy. Do not avoid going to the doctor just because you believe these physical symptoms are just because of a mental health struggle. Make sure to have your doctor do a check up to be sure there are no other underlying health conditions that could be causing these physical symptoms.


Getting outside and enjoying nature can be a way to practice mindfulness by looking at some beautiful waterfalls or even just enjoying the picturesque colors of the trees. If you go hiking, it does not have to be a super difficult hike that is really rocky. You can go on a hike that is flat and an easy walk. Breathing in the fresh air during a hike can get you out of your head and allow you to enjoy the beauty around you.

Practicing mindfulness can be an important part of trying to help your mental health. If you are near the Bridgeport, West Virginia area, these are a few of the parks you can visit to enjoy some fall sightseeing. 

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